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Home Water Filters
"Thank you for helping us find the right water filter. My son installed the water filter on Saturday and we are now enjoying delicious tasting water."
-- S. Brown, California, USA  Water filters and drinking water systems.
"Thanks! You addressed all my concerns and I appreciate your professional business manner. It is nice to know there are still people like you who are willing to help after the water filter sale, above and beyond what is necessary."
-- G. Magnuson, Illinois, USA Water filters and drinking water systems.


Funny 'toon, but more truth than fiction when it gets right down to the nitty-gritty of drinking water. The good news is now you don't have to:
  • drink the "bleach" (tap water) or,
  • pay exorbitant prices for bottled water of rightfully suspect quality.
Now you can produce your own top quality drinking water -- of equal if not superior quality to most bottled water -- right in your own home for under $0.01/gallon.

Yep. Less than a penney per gallon, as per the calculations for the popular NSA 100S replacement filter, the H2O-US413, to your immediate left.

Or click HERE to check out ESD's online catalog of water treatment products.


Check out our Replacement
For the antiquated NSA 100S
Undersink Water Filter

See our NSA 100S Alert Bulletin

"I would like to purchase your H2O-US413 water filter,
having recently suffered the infamous NSA 100S rupture."

P. McGurk, new ESD Customer

The H2O-US413

Unique H2O International 5-stage sealed filtration employing both KDF and GAC (carbon) media. Installs in minutes -- simply connects to existing lines. Specially designed to replace antiquated/derelict NSA 100S undersink water filters. Converts a whopping 25,000 gallons (compare to NSA 100S' 12,000 gallons) of common tap water into great tasting and chlorine-free drinking water.

Now Offering
to Lower 48 USA
A superior filter for LESS than the NSA brand replacement.
Click the blue sale price above to read all about it and order.


Do some simple math to know the overall
Operating Cost of this water filter:
Divide $195.00 by 25,000 gallons
Answer = $0.0078 per gallon

So, how much are YOU spending on bottled water?



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The most sensible and most popular
Whole House system on the market!

Whole house water filtration systems.

Easily the most practically sized system for families of up to 5, the IL7 is the most economical and longest lived (rated for a whopping 500,000 gallons!) POE water filtration system available anywhere. Pound-for-pound, we won't be undersold, and with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the Lower 48 USA, this deal is just plain unbeatable.

Good value? How does this sound to you? $0.0013/gal. -- a little over a tenth of a penny per gallon -- over the lifespan of this water filter. Compare to grocery store bottled drinking water prices.

Just click the pic above to read all about it.

'Toon Of The Year!

" Thanks for having such a great USA company. I will purchase from you again in the near future when we add an RO system four our salt water aquarium."
-- A.F., Connecticut, USA  Water filters and drinking water systems.
"I searched all over the internet for the part I needed to no avail, then I found your site. Thanks for having exactly what I was looking for."
-- G. P., Ohio, USA Water filters and drinking water systems.

ESD's Water Treatment Advisor
You know what you want done -- But do you know what technology does it?
Use our "Head-Scratcher Q&A Key" to answer your own questions.
Determine the correct water treatment technology for YOUR water treatment needs.
Is it a water filter? A water softener? Reverse Osmosis? A complete Well Water Treatment System?

Click HERE to find what's right for YOU!

You know how much fun it is, lugging home drinking water jugs from the grocery or convenience store. Rationing that precious commodity to stretch between the next "lug-a-jug" trip.  Well, if you're paying more than a penny per gallon for the pleasure, you're surely just doing it for the exercise. With a home drinking water system you can make your own pure drinking water for less than that.

Now you can have the convenience of bottled quality water right at the tap of your own kitchen sink. Environmental Systems Distributing is now in alliance with the undisputed leader in the water treatment systems manufacturing business, H2O International, Inc. Proudly made in the USA.

Follow the links above to find which filtration system would be most appropriate for your needs. We now offer a full range from countertop to under-the-sink, to portable to whole house filtration systems.

With over 30 years in the water quality trade, there are few situations on which we are not qualified to advise. We'll work with you to specify the most appropriate and most cost-effective treatment technology according to your actual needs and circumstances.

Your satisfaction is our Prime Directive.

ESD owner Steve Harrison is a 40+ year water treatment professional.
Steve Harrison
ESD Owner
is a 40+ year water treatment
professional. or call me.
I'll work with you and we'll get it right.

FREE Water Treatment Consultation
Talk with a 40+ year Water Treatment Pro
Call 1-304-721-8380 M-F; 12-8 PM Eastern

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Study Published October, 2008:

Bottled Water
As Polluted as Tap Water!

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One great 'toon deserves another...

Sign above sink reads: "All employees must try not to laugh."
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