Countertop Water Filters
NOTE: These systems are designed to work on treated "tap" water.
Not recommended for use on water that is untreated or from biologically unsafe water supplies.

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Standard Countertop Water Filter

Most popular Countertop retail unit on the market.
Sealed unit. 10,000 gallons for $148.00.

Model CT

The Deluxe Standard Countertop Water Filter

For low headspace areas. Like the "Little Tea Pot," it's short and stout.
Sealed unit. 12,000 gal. for $153.00.

Model CT4

Small Countertop Water Filter

Ideal for short-on-space areas like lavatories. Also serves well as a portable.
Sealed unit. 3,000 gal. for $101.00.

Model PCT

NSA 50C Countertop Water Filter

Long established NSA countertop water filter. Sealed unit.
Sold at a full $100 discount as a discontinued model.
New-In-Box filters from left-over NSA product inventory.
When they're gone -- they're gone!
$79.00 while they last.

Replaceable Cartridge Countertop Water Filter

Easy cartridge replacement. Available with sediment prefilter.
5,000 gal. per Cartridge for $153.00.

Model RCT

Typical Water Filter Cross Section


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