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Standard Undersink w/ 10" Arsenic Removal Pre-filter 
Arsenic reduction cartridge included

gota.jpg (727 bytes) Same as US4 with additional 10" arsenic-reducing pre-filter 
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Arsenic is removed by specialized replaceable cartridge 
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Available In-Line for direct hook up to sink faucet
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Arsenic reduction cartridge is good for approximately 1,000 gallons (approx. 1 year).
gota.jpg (727 bytes) This model sold with two arsenic reductions carts, one installed, one in reserve.


DO THE MATH!  --  You may have noticed that our arsenic reduction system costs a bit more than what you may have seen in comparison shopping at our competitors. But does it REALLY cost more? Have a look at what the arsenic recuction replaceable cartridge type filter is paired up with. Most competitor systems couple the arsenic recudction filter with another replaceable cartridge type filter. Even if that replaceable cartridge is a GAC-KDF (vastly superior to an all-GAC filter), it can only be rated for 5,000 gallons of service life at maximum -- about ONE SEVENTH the service life of the US4 filter (35,000 gallons) we pair up with the arsenic reduction cartridge. And we checked our competitors for the lowest price on replacement GAC-KDF filter cartridges and found that WE actually sell them for less than anyone else we could find -- $47.00. So, in order to get the service equivalent of one of our US4 filters (at $205 for the filter) you'd need to buy SIX more GAC-KDF replacement carts for $47.00 x 6 = $282.00. Add that $282.00 to the original cost of the competitor's Arsenic/GAC-KDF combo filter and see for yourself which is the most economical. If you've already done that math, you know you're already in the right place, for the best deal, right here.

Applies to Lower 48 USA Orders Only

It's Safe, Secure and it's EASY!

For Long-reach Gooseneck Faucet Installation
Qty:  at only $283.00

For In-line Installation (no faucet included)
Qty:  at only $268.00

Spare Arsenic Reduction Cartridge/s
at $82.00 ea. if ordered now.

($91.00 ea. if ordred separately)


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The Solution to Water Pollution: Our systems contain a patented media, KDF® (U.S. Patent 4,642,192), which has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove: Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Selenium, Mercury, Iron and other metals that may be present in the water. KDF® is listed under NSF standard 61 (health effects) for water treatment plant applications.

The Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon is used to improve the taste and odor and to remove: Chlorine, THMs, PCBs and hundreds of other organic contaminants that may be present in the water.

Expected Max. Capacity (main filter): Up to 35,000 gal. 132,475 lts.
Recomm. Flow: 0.5  to 1 gpm.  1.9 to 3.8 lts./min.
Height: 16.5"  41.9 cm. 
Width: 10.25" 26 cm.
Shipping Wt.: 15 lbs.  7 Kgs.

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