In Line 9" x 48" whole house system ~ IL7 w/Automatic Backwash Valve ~ In Line 6" x 18" system
In Line 7" x 44" whole house system ~ In Line 9" x 48" whole house system w/Automatic Backwash Valve

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6" x 35" Alternative to the NSA 300H
Model: ESD-IL635-NSA
Sized for exact change-out with the NSA 300H

A whopping 300,000 gallon flow-thru rating!!!
Compare to the NSA 300H 75,000 gallon rating.
With FREE SHIPPING to the Lower 48 USA,
You get
FOUR TIMES the capacity for
THE SAME PRICE as the original NSA 300H.

gota.jpg (727 bytes) Heavy duty fiberglass tank with base
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Combination KDF-GAC filter media (superior to NSA's silverized all-GAC media)
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Tank and media with head assembly only
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Easy installation by a qualified/licensed plumber (recommended)
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Bacteriostatic media: Prevents bacteria growth
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Improves taste, eliminates odors, removes color
gota.jpg (727 bytes) Removes hundreds of contaminants


Applies to Lower 48 USA Orders Only


Tank, Media and Head Assembly
Qty:  for $519.00

Replacement Tank and Media Only
Qty:  for $499.00

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The Solution to Water Pollution: Our systems contain a patented media, KDF® (U.S. Patent 4,642,192), which has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove: Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Selenium, Mercury, Iron and other metals that may be present in the water.   KDF® is listed under NSF standard 61 (Health Effects) for water treatment plant applications. 

The Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon is used to improve the taste and odor and remove: Chlorine, THMs, PCBs and hundreds of other organic contaminants that may be present in the water. 

Expected Max. Capacity: Up to 300,000 gal.  1,135,623 lts.
Recomm. Flow: Up to 5 gpm.  Up to 19 lts./min.
Height: 35"  88.9 cm. 
Width: . 6"Dia 15.2 cm.
Shipping Wt.: 50 lbs.  22.7 Kgs.
Master Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 45"   
Packing:  1 per carton   
Wt.:  50 lbs.  22.7 kgs.

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